Chevrolet Tahoe Cracked Dashboard

What do you get for 40K and  Built in america?

Disappointment I guess.

To GM Tahoe, Avalanch and Suburban owners or prospective buyers:

I had the door handles where the chrome separated and cut you. GM was good and replaced those for free, probably to avoid the eventual law suit if neglected. But regarding this issue with the cracked dashed on 2007 Tahoe, Avalanche and Suburban models, in which they issued an internal bulletin, and appeared to address while the problem was less apparent and costly,  they have now decided to turn their back on. I have been a loyal GM customer for 3 decades and probably spent more than $250k during that time purchasing new vehicles and the subsequent repairs to those vehicles.

So we come to this issue, and yes I want to make it known to the masses, not because I want the repair for free, in fact at this point I have decided to end any future relationship with GM by simply putting my hard earned money to another US company.

GM – You designed and built a flawed product. You know it and have had your internal bulletin to address it. You have redesigned the part, to which I say good job, because you needed to. But STAND BEHIND YOUR WORK.  The fact that this dash cracks at the airbag and above the gauges should cause you great concern, but I guess you have weighed out the costs. When the airbag deploys in the area of the cracked dash what happens to the cracked plastic, does it snap and become airborn, could it possibly cut the airbag? I guess one never knows, and I hope nobody has to find out. 

For future GM buyers of any of the Tahoe/Avalanche/Suburban line, do your homework…. It is as simple as that.  Search for Tahoe cracked dashes online; you make the decision based on what you see and learn. I don't know what year the design was changed.

A hardworking American in tough times who shells out more than $40,000 dollars on a vehicle deserves better. You won’t discourage me enough to buy a foreign made vehicle, but you have made me give up on GM…..

The below pictures show how flawed the GM design really is…. You can see that they have added re-enforcements extacly where these dashes crack.




I have received a number of requests to show how to replace the dash assembly.  I have added some photos of how much work this actually entail, I would not recommend it unless you are very comfortable with a complete disassembly of the entire dash and components.